Testimonials from our clients:

"Tremendous accountant and financial partner! I have worked with Jennifer for 15+ years and she is a 100% trusted CPA for personal and business matters. Always finding the right solution, looking out for your best financial interests, and a completely above-board professional! TOP NOTCH!" -- Randall H., Navy Officer and Real Estate Investor

"Jennifer Marchal helped me through one of the biggest challenges of my adult life. In transitioning from employee to contractor, I had no idea how taxes worked. Jennifer helped me to deal with the IRS. Jen goes beyond the books and works with me as a person. I would describe working with Jen as a calming experience. She can take the most complex concerpts and give it to you in plain English. She's the only accountant I have worked with that I did not dread the meetings. I always get a little financial awareness out of meeting with her, aside from the service I paid for." -- Mark M., Independent Contractor 

“Jennifer Marchal CPA is reliable and by the book. I have been using Jennifer R. Marchal, Inc.'s bookkeeping and tax preparation services for 6 years. I have never been audited! Jennifer does a great job. She and her staff keep up with my books. Jennifer is a taskmaster – she never lets me forget a deadline.” – Tom D., Small Business Owner

"Thank you very much Jennifer for doing my tax return so beautifully." -- Marie P., Realtor